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Statement of Purpose: is a Digital Marketing Firm focused soley on the Automotive Aftermarket. It’s purpose is to provide focused Digital Marketing Services to Manufacturers, Vendors, Buying Groups, and Distributors in the Automotive Aftermarket that targets the Repair Shop and Consumer Segments of the industry.’s

Vision Statement: envisions a marketplace in which all Repair Shops ask for parts by brand name and are well-informed about the products and brands that they install on the vehicles that they service. will furthermore make this vision a reality by educating the consumer about the parts that are being installed on their vehicle by creating brand awareness and a platform from which the consumer may learn more about these products. By doing this the repair shop as well as the consumer will know exactly what they are getting.

What we Do:

Specifically, uses digital media such as Mobile, Social Media, Microsites, SEO, Banner Ads, Email Marketing Campaigns as well as couponing, and special deal broadcasting to promote the products and brands of our vendor partners (both Manufacturer and Distributor) all the way through the entire distribution channel to the consumer.’s

Value Proposition:

AfterMarketing.Net helps Automotive Aftermarket Vendors, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Buying Groups interface with and drive their message to both the Repair Shop and the End Consumer. We promote brand awareness, enhance brand equity, and foster brand loyalty at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising in an industry where tight margins are a way of life.

Follow Core Values:

Our guiding principles or “Core Values” are what we live and breathe as a company. They are evident in everything we do and we will always conduct ourselves accordingly.

  • Innovation – While others are thinking “Outside the Box”, we will create an entirely new box. We will continue to Question, Observe, Network, and Experiment in order to innovate and stay at the forefront of the Automotive Aftermarket.

  • Think Big – We will either Go Big or Go Home. Our clients don’t want small results and neither do we.

  • Action Oriented –Promises only count if they are backed by action. Excuses only sound good to the person making them. We will deliver what we promise and not make excuses.
  • Results Driven –Our work ethic drives our performance and our performance drives our results. Without results it’s just practice.

  • Responsibility – We will own what we do and “make it right” if it isn’t right.

  • Honesty and Integrity – Honesty and Integrity earn Trust. Trust earns our client’s loyalty. We will be honest and conduct ourselves with integrity – even if it means losing “The Deal.” We would rather lose a deal for the right reasons than get it for the wrong ones.

  • Passionate – We are passionate about what we do and our capacity to make a difference in our clients’ businesses.
  • Perseverance– “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” - Thomas Edison. We don’t give up. It’s not in our nature.

  • Focus – We only serve the Automotive Aftermarket, it’s part of our name –

  • Planning & Promptness – Plans minimize surprises. Promptness prevents delays and surprises from derailing a project. We will plan and stay on track informing the client of our progress along the way.