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About AfterMarketing

About defines the Aftermarket as:

“The market for spare parts, accessories, and components, especially for motor vehicles.” While this may be a sufficient definition for most, The Aftermarket is much, much more than that. The Automotive Aftermarket is unique. It is comprised of the Manufacturers and Vendors, Distributors and Jobbers, as well as the Repair Shops and the processes, habits, culture, and marketing of those parts to “The Market”. Because the Aftermarket is so unique, it requires a different mindset to market effectively.

  • About: After observing the true marketing needs of the Automotive Aftermarket, was born. is the culmination of over 45 years of Aftermarket knowledge coupled with over 17 years of online marketing experience tempered by the feedback of tens of thousands of visits to repair shops around the country.

  • About: Where we started:

    Chick Capoli Sales, the parent company of, was founded by Chick Capoli in 1982 as a manufacturer’s representative firm. The company earned its stripes providing world-class representation for industry-leading vendors such as Cardone, Osram Sylvania, Visteon, Continental VDO, Remy International, Akebono, Carter Fuel Systems, and Trico Wiper Products just to name a few.

    Currently, CCS represents the industry’s finest brands covering the markets they serve with world class people who provide world class service to both distributors and manufacturers alike. Our Automotive distributor customers cover the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Each CCS sales and marketing professional has served the Aftermarket for decades. was conceived through the direction of the next generation of sales and marketing leadership at Chick Capoli Sales. CCS principals Angelo Capoli, Chief Marketing Officer of, and Chick Capoli, Jr., SVP and Chief Strategy Officer of, have brought the company to the forefront of the Digital Marketing Services arena in the Automotive Aftermarket.

  • About: Why Exisits: manifested as a result of what we at Chick Capoli Sales have developed in order to take Aftermarket sales and marketing to the next level. It is no longer good enough to just sell automotive parts for the vendor to the distributor. Installer pull through selling isn’t enough either. Chick Capoli Sales has recognized and identified the NEW need for pull through marketing in the Aftermarket and created a new service to help both Manufacturers and Distributors alike. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the manufacturers brand and drive “Do-It-For-Me” consumer sales through the Repair Shop.

  • About: What Makes Us “Right” for your company?

    We were born and bred in the Aftermarket. It’s all we do. We don’t market hotel rooms one day and auto parts the next. We wouldn’t exist without the Aftermarket – hence our name – We understand the Aftermarket and the way in which the distribution model works. 

  • About: What Makes Us “Right” for your company?:

    We Help the Distributor’s Sales Person educate the Repair Shop on the vendor’s product line.
    We understand that most marketing efforts by Vendors and Manufacturers focus on conveying the quality, features, and benefits of their products to the Distributor and to the Automotive Technician or Repair Shop Owner. One of the most important steps in this transference of information takes place during the interaction between the distributor salesperson and the Repair Shop. Much of the message gets lost amongst the myriad of messages that the distributor’s salesperson is asked to convey to the Repair Shop. Unfortunately much of the vendor’s message is lost or forgotten as it is “passed down the line.” We give the distributor’s salesperson the tools needed to educate the Repair Shop on your product line.

  • About: What Makes Us “Right” for your company?:

    We Help the Repair Shop Owner educate his customer on the vendor’s product line.
    Contrary to popular belief in the industry, getting the product in the hands of the installer is not the last step in the distribution process. The final step in the distribution model is to get the product “on the car.” The Repair Shop still needs to convey the necessary information to sell the product’s features and benefits to the consumer. However, by the time the Repair Shop needs to discuss the features and benefits of your product line, much of the information is forgotten or lost. The Repair Shop is the Key to Aftermarket marketing and distribution. They are the pivot point.

    The consumer should feel confident that the parts to be installed on their vehicle fit their needs even before the repair starts. If the vendor’s message gets all the way from the vendor to the distributor to the repair shop but at the critical moment when the Service Writer or Repair Shop Owner is selling the job to the consumer, the message is conveyed improperly or is forgotten, the sale is lost.

    We support the Repair Shop’s effort by giving them the tools that they need to educate their consumer at the time of the most critical and pivotal sale. This pulls the sale all the way through the distribution channel to the consumer.

  • About: What Makes Us “Right” for your company?:

    We understand the realities of the Aftermarket.
    We understand that Vendors, Distributors, and Repair Shops are all operating under tight margins and limited manpower to market to the consumer but there is good news. The rules of marketing have changed. Today Social Media, Web, Search, and Mobile Marketing have leveled the playing field for advertisers and marketers – even for Aftermarket companies. helps Automotive Aftermarket Vendors and Distributors promote their brands, their product features and benefits all the way down to the consumer without the exorbitant costs of traditional advertising.

    Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturers and Vendors don’t have to compete with other segments of the economy for attention. Today, the viewer determines the content they want to view. This allows for highly focused marketing efforts and prevents wasted marketing and advertising dollars.

  • About: What Makes Us “Right” for your company?: is the Key
    The key is to have the right partner to help you focus your new media marketing efforts. That is where comes in. We were born and bred as an Aftermarket company. Our people have been in the Aftermarket for over 33 years and know the ins and outs of the business.

    We know the way the market works and we know who the players are at all levels of manufacturing and distribution. We know how to get your message to the Repair Shop. We know what the distributors want and we know what the market needs. Spend your marketing and advertising dollars wisely – in the places where people want to see what you have to say. will get your company in front of the people that are looking for what you are selling.