What ever happened to Aftermarket Advertising?

Does anyoone remember Tex from the Monroe ® Shock Absorber TV Commercials? I do.  His commercial was catchy and memorable AND expensive.  Why don’t we see those kinds of commercials anymore?  The Aftermarket used to have loads of them.  Sure you can see TV Commercials from large chains but what about the vendors and the smaller companies?  I already gave away the answer.  It’s too expensive for smaller companies to advertise the way the big boys do. 

The world is changing and so is advertising, marketing, and promotion.  The Internet has dramatically leveled the playing field, if you know how to use it properly.  Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Impressions, and Product Feeds are but a few of the tools available today.  If you are not taking advantage of these forms of advertising and promotion, you will be left behind.  Whether your company is a vendor, distributor, parts store or installation shop, all levels of distribution can use these tools.  Check back for more information on how to benefit from this type of technology.


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