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Our Omni-Channel Aftermarket Strategy: uses the power of consistency to convey your company’s message across multiple digital media platforms in a uniform format that makes repair shop personnel and consumers experiences feel seemless whether they are interacting with our clients websites, mobile sites, social media platforms, banner adds or emails. This uniformity ensures that customers feel that their interests are being prioritized regardless of the channel which they prefer to employ while interacting with the vendor.

The tools and platforms used by include:

  • MICRO SITES – We create visually stunning websites for your marketing campaign. Micro Sites do not take over for your company’s corporate site. They serve as a specific destination for your traffic to land for your marketing campaign.

  • MOBILE MARKETING – Mobile is where more and more searches are being initiated and conducted. Mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves. They are with us more than our computers and so have become much more important in new media marketing.

  • VIDEO MARKETING – If a picture is worth 1000 words, 30 pictures per second are worth a lot more. Convey your message with video for even more impact.

  • BLOGS – Use the true power of the web to take user created content to drive traffic to your site. Become the authoritative expert in your company’s space with the help of your customer base.

  • PAID SEARCH / PAY PER CLICK (PPC) – When executed properly, this cost effective advertising format is an excellent way to bring your message to people looking for your products. If you have used PPC before and have overspent, let rectify this for you.

  • ORGANIC SEARCH (SEO)– Content is King when it comes to Organic Search. Properly written content gets picked up by the search engines that drive traffic to your site. Other techniques which are unique to the Aftermarket can be used to drive traffic to your site are often overlooked by most traditional or new media marketing companies when it comes to the.

  • QR CODES & COUPONING– Let create QR codes that target Repair Shops and Consumers who can use them to go directly to your Micro Site or to redeem a coupon for your latest promotion.